Small tracking band using PANS

[color=#333333]I am almost complete with a tracking system for a indoor fitness program using the MDEK1001. I am now looking for smaller watch/band type implementation. [/color]

[color=#333333]Has anyone implemented a smaller band leveraging the PANS firmware? I may be looking to purchase/build ~50 of these. Wanted to see what was available before I start from scratch on creating one.[/color]



Hi Demercurio,[/size]

[size=small]For now we don’t have such hardware, so you may have to build a custom board.[/size]

[size=small]In order to use PANS, it will have to been based on a nrf52832. The accelerometer on the DWM1001 [font=Arial]board is a [/font][color=#222222][font=Arial]STM LIS2DH12.[/font][/color][/size]

[size=small][color=#222222][font=Arial]Let me know how it goes.[/font][/color][/size]

[size=small][color=#222222][font=Arial]I’ll send an update if there is any new hardware on our side.[/font][/color][/size]

[size=small][color=#222222][font=Arial]Yves [/font][/color][/size]


I saw this on a previous post:

This uses the nfr52832, would this work for PANS? If I purchased these, how each is it to install PANS on it?