Single Sided Two Way Ranging

I see. Less components, less problems. I will check again the hardware connections of EVB1000 to see if I have anything else that I should isolate or configure… Thank you very much again!

I have already done importing Trek1000 firmware to the MEDK10001 board and flashing nRF52832, my problem is getting a very large distance between anchor and tag, note that the distance is added to a constant number (138900) in mm it sounds like offset.
i tried change antennad delay but no significant change.
please help.

I seem to be having a similar issue, with a large offset added to range measurements when trying to determine the distance between tags- has anyone come across this issue before/have a solution for this?

Yes, I crossed this problem by adding the arrays in the file instance_calib.c to instance_common.c
If the problem not solved please let me know