Single Side Two Way Ranging DW1001 using Segger Embedded Studio


I am trying to bring up my DW1001 units using the examples in dwm1001-examples, namely the ss_twr_init and ss_twr_resp by building them on two different DW1001 (one initiator, one responder) using Segger Embedded Studio with J-lik. Basically I one to make the initiator communicate with the responder and display the result (pairing and ranging result for example).

I am able to build both ss_twr_init and ss_twr_resp on each DW1001 but I am not able to display the messages or results or output.

How can I display the output/ranging results of this example?


Hi Sjop,

Are you using the examples for the github repository ?

Have you tried to connect to the serial port with teraterm or putty ? It should display the distance when TWR is running.

Let me know how it goes,

Hi Yves,

Thanks for your response.

Yes I am referring to the exeamples in github. I ham able to build them using SES on DW1001. But not sure how to display results.

I am using macOS. Is there an alternative tool? SSH? Not sure how.