Simple telemetry between couple of objects

We are studying a solution for distance detection from two objects. We want to use one initiator anchor and one tag. More couples of initiator-tag can be presente at the same time in the same place.
We are thinking to use the DWM1001 (MDEK1001).
Is it possible to have the distance from the anchor?
What about the co-existence of several initiators in the same place?
Thank you.

Hi Filippo,

it should be possible. Set different PANID for each of the pair.
See also this post:

Several initiators with different PANIDs should become synchronized and all nodes should run without collision. When the pairs roams (get out of range of the other pairs and then return back in-range) at a certain time some collision might happen. In a such case the nodes should resolve the collision and nodes should become synchronous again.