Silabs Cortex M33 + DW3000 using the UWB API Library


I’m trying to use the api provided by Qorvo to get the uwb of the DW3000 working with an iphone using the U1 chipset. Do you guys know what’s inside the function in the picture below? I’m trying to bypass this function by just sending the 38 bytes configurations data. With the app provided by Qorvo, i received the 38 bytes that i sent earlier but the accessory background session is created and become invalidated and i don’t know why. I’m sending the same 38 bytes that the function in the picture below is sending. Need help.
The error that i’m getting is NIERROR_SESSION_FAILED_DESCRIPTION.

What is your problem to use niq.a lib? Why are you trying to hack, what is the value of doing that?

I’m not trying to hack anything, the function i’m showing is in the niq library. I’m just trying to use the api library that Qorvo is providing. I’m just trying to figure out what the niq library is doing vs what the api library is providing. I’m trying to use a ARM Cortex M33 that’s not on supported hardware by Qorvo at this moment.