Signal Loss Through Material

I was wondering if there was any data about signal power loss through different materials, specifically 3D printed plastic (probably ABS, possibly PLA) and plastic warning cones (probably polypropylene). I have the TREK1000 evaluation kit using the DW1000 UWB IC.

I’m being overly specific with materials but I realize it’s unlikely to have that specific of data so anything that is approximately equivalent would be lovely.

What I am ultimately trying to figure out is how much inaccuracy is being caused by enclosing the antenna to protect it from collisions/environmental factors. Would cutting a hole in the enclosure the size of the signal wavelength appreciably improve my accuracy?

Many thanks in advance,

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Hi Ben,

Maybe have a look at the appendix 1 from the document below :

It doesn’t quite match what you’re looking for as it is mainly focus on UWB propagation through building material.

The plastic enclosure will have an impact on the performance. We have seen that with dwm1001-dev a couple dB maximum but it depends on the plastic material too.

It could be a good idea to cut a hole of the antenna and keep a clearance with the plastic.

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