Set GPIO on tag from anchor?


I have a system with 5 DWM1001 modules. 4 of them are configured as anchors and 1 as a tag.
I have a UART connection between 1 of the anchors and a PC.

I would like to control the GPIO:s of the tag from the PC. Is this possible?

Hi Olas,

I think it is not possible with the current software, so you will have to develop your own software to control a tag GPIO from an anchor.

There will be a software release in Q2 adding features to facilitate communication between devices, so keep an eye on it, it will probably ease what you’re trying to achieve.


Hi Yves,

Thanks for the answer. And thanks for the info about the upcoming release.


Hi Olas,

Did you ever get this to work?

Hi Devin,

setting GPIO on a Tag from an Anchor is not possible right the way.
But there is a work-around if you use the Gateway.

Use the PANS library to write an UserApplication to send a command in the User Data to the Gateway. There, when received the command you can forward it by sending User Data to the Tag via MQTT Broker. On the Tag you would have also an UserApp which receives the message and controls the GPIO.