Serial communication


I’m using UWB with the serial connection and Using lec command.
Sometimes I’m getting data without the position data.

Data eg: DIST,3,AN0,1989,34.96,99.43,7.71,18.13,AN1,4609,33.02,136.50,4.40,20.60,AN2,0A0E,33.39,94.77,2.42,20.76

This happens even when it’s talking with 4 anchors.


Any idea why is it happening and how can I fix this.
Any help would be appretiated.

Thank you.

Is the LE enabled?

Yes LE is ON. It happens around 140 times out of 1100 readings, which means nearly 10-12% of data is lost.

There is no data being lost. The anchors are ranging to the tag, but for some reason the location engine was not able to provide a position/location result. This could be due to inaccurate anchor positioning or tag in a severe NLOS position.