Sequence of actions taken by DWM1001 ranging

Hi, I have recently purchased 4 DWM1001-DEV modules, and I have set them up as 3 Anchors and 1 Tag as specified by the firmware guide. I am able to perform ranging and use its location engine to obtian the position of the Tag.

What I want to know is: when I write “lec” in Shell mode to the Tag, what is the order of actions performed by the firmware? According to the API guide, it seems like the following (please correct me if i’m wrong):

  1. Check for all AN in network
  2. For each AN do:
    2a. Perform ranging and compute distance from AN to TN
    2b. Send distance to TN
  3. TN arranges list of data and prints

Setting up the network at 10Hz, the above is done repeatedly all under 0.1 seconds, and occasionally one of the 3 anchor readings will not be received (tag shows only 2 received distances). Is there also another way to block ‘lec’ and rerun its distance measurements if only 2 instead of 3 readings were received?

How does the Tag differentiate between various anchors. Is there any example code where we can determine the range between a specific of initiator/responders using some ID?