Scalable TDOA-location infrastructure for any DW1000-based Tag hardware

Partner announcement from nanotron -

Scalable TDOA-location-infrastructure is essential if there is a need to scale UWB tracking solutions to * thousands * of tags. Expansion shall be as easy as just adding readers. Nanotron’s UWB readers – they are also called anchors – support exactly that. They utilize a patented wireless synchronization method and do not require any cell structure and hence no overhead. The nanoANQ ER product family interoperates with any Decawave DW1000-based tag hardware. Developers can find the blink-format in the attached application note. Contact nanotron to verify interoperability between your DW1000-based
_ UWB tags and nanotron’s scalable location infrastructure_

AN0606-Utilizing Scalable Infrastructure for DW1000-based UWB Tag Hardware.pdf (455.6 KB)

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nanotron in hall 4 booth 4-371.

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