RTLS for wild life

@seppe Is it possible to track hedgehogs in a multizone(peoples yards) multi tag(hedgehogs) setup with in a 16km² area down to a 50cm accuracy?

Hi @shanebekker
it might be possible if you are OK to install anchors + power supply + some cables each 20~30m with PANS or you can create your own system which might use different radio settings with longer range. The answer is yes, but it will be very complicated to do such system.

I thing that for such big open space area is more convenient to use GPS + some long-range radio (or cellular network) for reporting the position. The GPS will give you the needed accuracy and it might be much easier to develop this than staring from ground zero with RTLS.


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Thanks for your input.

Curious as to why it would be complicated?

Because of the number needed. For every 30m to cover 15 km2 you need 15000 devices connected with cables all over, that can’t be non intrusive for the wild life.
Lora, gps and sim card sound more reasonable, like those gps trackers.