RF Level compatibility

Hi all,
i am working with Decawave solution where a specific RF regulatory is applicable.
I have to check that the RF level of DW1000 is below different threshold and i do not manage to calculate it because the RF power of the chip is calculated in power density (-41.3 dBm/MHz).
Is anybody can please help me ?
Thanks in advance.
Best regards.

Hi Remy,
You say “I have to check that the RF level of DW1000 is below different threshold”, could I ask you how are you checking this? Are you using a spectrum analyser? How power can be adjusted see APS023 attached APS023_Part 1_Transmit_Power_Calibration_&_Management.pdf (875.5 KB)

Hi Leo,
thank you for your answer. I am writing a UWB study at the moment to evaluate the possibility to build a system. The Major item to adress is the RF compability (regulatory compliance, with a Spectrum of course).
The document you mentionned explained a bit more but is not enough precise for me. I would need the RF peak level in function of the spectral density. If you could help ?
Best regards.

Hi Remy,
You are talking here about very specific knowledges, which could be DW IP. I guess noone will share such set of infprmation on this forum.

Suggest you to take a look to the specification of the PHY layer, which is should be drafted by IEEE in the latest standard. This information is not easy to find, but it is possible, as it is published openly.
Maybe that info would help you understand the technology better and you would be able how to measure what you require.

DW chips are built to comply the ieee standard anyway.