Reset system time (reg 0x06)

Hi All,

I’m new here and tried to read all the threads before asking but not really found an answer for my question .

I built my own system using DW1000 IC and low end PIC16 microcontroller at tag end and PIC18 on anchor (due to multiplication ability). I’m using ASM to program the pics so I don’t use any of the DW pre-made libraries, all functions are done by me by programming the registers directly. I know it’s a bit suicide approach but on the other hand it gives me the freedom using cheap hardware.

Is there a way to reset the SYS_TIME (0X06) register only? I mean without any soft or hard reset?

My problem is that once the timer overflows, my calculations are messed up for that single measurement. This comes back periodically when timer overflows (every 17sec). I know I coud check it in my code but thought there’s an easier way like reset the system time after a measurement completed.
Soft or hard reset of the IC takes too much time including reload necessary registers.

Thanks for your help.