Request for a GPS Module

Hello Team,
Can I know what is the maximum accuracy achieved by the GPS Module your having.

Maximum accuracy of GPS < 1 cm
Maximum accuracy of Decawave GPS ~ 1 planet.

Decawave don’t make GPS modules so the best you can say if you are using a decawave module is that you are somewhere on the earth.

Sorry… I didn’t get.

Are you saying that Decawave has only chipset, If so which chipset can I select for maximum accuracy( interms of centimeter)

Hi Puneeth,

I think what Andy meant is that the technology Decawaves is not based on GPS, so it is not very correct to say Decawave make GPS modules.

More accurately Decawave makes modules based on UWB technology.

When measuring distance between two UWB devices performing TWR, 10cm accuracy can usually be achieved. With more advanced software and filtering implementations, some customers have reache sub 3cm accuracy.

Hope it clarifies a bit,

thanks for the reply