Release 2 network coexistence

“The new PANS R2 FW supports coexistence. This means that multiple network across the same are share the same air space a do not interfere by operlapping messages.”

I was reading throught the updated documentation and came with a few questions regarding this new coexistence feauture.

1- Do we have acess to the PANID? If so, how can we acess it and modify it?
2- Can a tag be in a network (A) with PANID-A and once it has moved and reached network (B) update its PANID to PANID-B so that the anchors in B can learn about tag’s position?

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Hi csawinz,

There are several options to change the panId. Please review the api guide document.

You can use the command “nis” in the uart shell mode for example.

A tag cannot change its panId automatically on discovery of other networks.


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Let me try to explain myquestion a bit further.

Given what you’ve just said I understand that I can not change my tag’s PANID dinamically. BUT, am I able to, lets say, once my quality factor goes bellow a certain threshold change my tag’s PANID to another (know by design) PANID corresponding to another network asumming my tag has moved?

Hope this clears out my problem,

Thanks again

Yes, I think this approach could be implemented in the user app. I haven’t tried it but I think it could work.

The best you can do is to give it a go !


Hello again,

I’ve been reading the lastest forum posts and found this:

"Hi Looki,

Co-existence consists in sharing the resources between the neighbor networks.

For example if two networks share the same space, then on can have a total of 15 tags at 10 Hz shared by those two networks and similarly a total of 30 anchors shared by those two networks.

The frame filtering is performed with regards to the PanId but there is a synchronization mechanism between networks as well to make sure there is no collision.

Hope it helps,

My concern is that I planned to used the coexistance properties of the network to expand it, in order to simplify topology distribution of the anchors.

I thought I could expand my network by having two netwroks (differenciable by PANID) that overlapped at one extrem.

But, I read that coexistance is based in resource reutilisation I guess that this solution I was thinking about is the same as applying simple network exension ( reutilisation of seat 1 for node 31).

If so, I have another doubt, lets say I have an square topology (just as is it set in the documentation), how far should my anchors 1 and 31 be in order to reuse set 1? I know the anwer must be similar to: far enough not to see each other, but can you give me some reference numbers?

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

perhaps check first this post if it might clarify your concerns:

I am not sure about your goal. Perhaps you might try to solve something which is either impossible or unnecessary.