Regarding to DRTLS manager application


I am developing DRTLS module like follows.

  • H/W
    Nordic nRF52832 MCU + Decawave DW1000 by SPI interface
    It looks like Decawave DW1001 module. But it has no external ST microelectronics MCU.

  • F/W
    Decawave’s TREK1000 TWR F/W source code.
    I have ported it into my board and it transacts each other(TAG#0, ANCHOR#0,1,2)
    I can see this by serial message out port.

As I already mentioned,
I use TREK1000’s F/W source code instead of DW1001 module’s F/W and libraries.
Because there is no F/W source code in case of DW1001 (Nordic MCU).
I just can see the libraries and interface (source) code which can be executed in external MCU(ST Micro).

I wish to use DRTLS manager application like follows.

  1. DRTLS manager PC version
    : It is provided in TREK1000 evb kit.
    And it only dectects and recognize the ST Microelectronic’s Virtual COM port when it is executed.
    But, I use silicon labs CP2102 chip. So I can’s executes DRTLS manager PC application at all.
    Can I use DRTLS manager PC application with silicon labs CP2102 chip ?

  2. DRTLS manager Android version
    : It is provided in DW1001 module kit.
    And it uses BLE protocol packet.
    I wish to send estimation data to DRTLS manager Android version by BLE.
    I cannot find the transaction data packet materials for this at all.
    Can I send estimation data to DRTLS manager Android version by BLE without DW1001 libraries ?
    Or Is there any other way to solve this problem ?

Thank you.