Regarding TDoA

Good evening everyone,

I am trying to implement TDoA over a network of about 50 meters between anchors. I’d like to ask you if you know what kind of devices I should use to guarantee a correct clock signal generation and distribution among the anchors.

According to the application note 007, there is stated that it is needed a jitter cleaner to avoid phase degradation on the 38.4 MHz clock signal, however, there is not stated what kind of sources we should use for the clock source and distribution. I was searching and found some ICs that could serve as clock source and buffers to distribute and maintain the signal among the anchors. These are:

  • Clock source: Si5338
  • Clock buffer: Si53302

I would like to know if according to your experience with this matter, these ICs could be used to maintain the clock source over a long network.

I really appreciate your help and comments. Thank you very much.

Kind regards,