Reading raw_data


I am trying in Python to read raw_data from a tag. Reading serial data I get something like

mr 0e 000000 0000005x 0000000 0000000 t0:0
mc 0e 000000 0000005x 0000000 0000000 t0:0

Doing some researches I found that I should read the line starting with “mc” then the mask should give something different from 0 with 0x01 (however it seems I always have 0e as mask so it is not the case) then we have the range with anchors 0,1,2,3 then the tad ID.

Could you guide me to a documentation to know exactly how to interpret these lines ? Couldn’t find it.

My final goal is to read the position xyz, not the ranges with each anchors, so if you can help me to reach that goal it’s even better.

Thank you for your help.

The info is in the TREKs RTLSDecarange GUI source code description. See section 2.3.2 page 11
The source code description is available in the TREK SW package which cane be downloaded form

The guide is also attached