Read from the MQTT

Hi there, we target to implement a system that relays on the tag’s location, long story short, we have an existing system that would like to fire a trigger whenever a tag reached a certain location of an (anchor-covered) area.

After studying the documents, we found that the closest way is to configure a gateway and retrieve the data via MQTT, however, we cannot find any documentation about that.

Sorry about our gateway device is not yet arrived so no testing could be done at this moment, so I assume we could access it via a custom MQTT client using the gateway’s configured password, any guidelines or documentation about what to do or what can do after that would be appreciated, thanks and hope you have a nice day.

Hi @zay-app-it
you assumption is correct. You can get a TN position from the Gateway via MQTT. You can find some info in DWM1001_Gateway_Quick_Deployment_Guide.pdf (you can find it in this package DWM1001, DW10001-DEV and MDEK1001 Documents, Source Code, Android Application & R2.0 Firmware Image - Decawave).

Please keep in mind that you must use Raspberry 3B for Gateway. Newer/older RPi version will not work correctly!


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