RCPHASE register documentation not consistent with decadriver api

In the dw1000 user manual it is written that the RCPHASE is in reg:14:04, bits:6-0. However, in the deca_regs.h header of the driver we have
#define RX_TTCKO_RCPHASE_MASK 0x7F0000000000ULL
which is a mask corresponding to reg:14:05, bits:6-0.
Right now, I’m following the documentation, but the RCPHASE I’m reading out is not as expected. So is the documentation or the api wrong or am I not understanding something?

Thank you for your help!

documentation (i.e. User Manual) is correct, the APi does have the RX_TTCKO_RCPHASE_MASK defined, it is incorrect and it should be as you say 0x7F00000000. It is not used in the API.

Hi Zoran

Thank you for the prompt reply. In that case, I’m reading it out correctly. However, perhaps you can help me further, for the DW1000, is it phase offset of the internal carrier tracking loop (i.e. for channel 4 with a carrier frequency of 3993.6MHz, it shows how much off is the phase for this tracking loop) or is it the phase offset of the PLL clock running at 998.4 MHz (a factor 4 difference)?

Thank you very much for helping me better understand the DW1000!