Raspberry pi b gateway UART connection issue

We are trying to set up a network of DWM1001’s using the web manager and a gateway node connected to a raspberry pi b, following the DWM1001 Gateway Quick Development Guide. At one point, all our anchors and tags showed up on the web manager, but we have been unable to see them since then. Using the Android app, we can see that all the anchors and tags are in the network, and using the lb command we’ve demonstrated that our initator anchor can see the bridge node. But apparently the gateway and raspberry pi are not communicating, and we have not been able to use minicom commands to communicate with the development board via UART. When we connect the gateway node to the pi it does power on, and the blue led (which I believe represents bootloader active) starts blinking. Any advice?

yes check if ur raspberry pi did some kind of update or upgrade on linux kernel (first point).

re-flash the SD card with raspian image firm R2.
afterwards send a picture of the web manager right now.

if u still have issues, the check the soldering of pins to board. it is not good

We have tried re-flashing the SD card, with no change. Here’s the web manager:

The connections certainly could be the issue. We need other pins on our raspberry pi available for other outputs, so rather than directly connecting the decawave we have individually connected wires to the pins that are needed. Do you know if there’s a way to debug pin by pin and find what the issue is?

Update: we are now able to enter the module shell using minicom, but we still do not see our anchors and tags on the web manager.

Hi Clare,

please see this post and follow the steps I have described there:

Perhaps it can help you to solve the issue.