Raspberry Model 3B as gateway


We are developing a system with dwm1001 kit.
As I understood, only Raspaberry Model 3B is supported to use as gateway in this system. Due to being out of stock during a long time and will be no more on sell, is there any model alternative to use for our system, or is our system no more useful?
We already have some Raspberrys Model 3B in our hands, but we think we need some more. If there is no more option than Raspberry Model 3B, could you explain how to optimize our gateways as much as possible to get a more accurate position and better connection between anchors and tags?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Alberto
unfortunately only the RPi 3B is supported. Long story short: The newer versions contains 1GBit ethernet interface with overload core with IRQs and it is not possible to maintain the precise timing on SPI which is required for the bridge function. So newer RPi’s are more powerful but slower in the term of Realtime. I hard that it might be possible to run it on newer RPi but the ethernet interface has to be disabled (and use wifi) - but I never tested it.

The BN does not affect the TN accuracy only the anchor positioning. The generic recommendation is to maintain the square like geometry (max 2:1 aspect ratio) with LOS. If you want to have 3D then you should place anchors in different heights - if they are in the same height then mathematically the calculated position can be over or under the plane. But in such case it will always prefer the solution below the plane.