Ranging with DWM

Hi all

Could you give me a way to learn how work with this module (codes and it’s libraries).
I would like use 5 numbers of DWM100 and ESP32 to estimate location and send information to computer

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Decawave supply libraries and an API in c. These are targeted to STM32 parts but other than the calls to the SPI hardware are generic c and so with minimal work can be ported to most microprocessors.
The package includes example applications for basic module to module communication and two way ranging.
Position calculation you will need to either perform yourself or find some other code for. People have posted position calculation projects here before.

Since the DWM1000 is in effect a DW1000 IC with the extra hardware for it to operate you can use the supplied libraries and examples listed under either the module and the chip. Not that there will be much difference between them.

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