Ranging difference according to PRF

Hi all

We are doing TWR test using DW1000.
DW1000 configuration are 850 Kbps, 16 MHz PRF, 1024 preabmle length, 850 Kbps, 64 MHz PRF, 1024 preabmle length, and the distance measured using TWR is different. When using PRF 64MHz, the distance that can be measured from 16MHz is halved.
I wonder if I need to change the DW1000 settings or if I need to add other settings.

And I wonder if PRF has a big effect on communication distance.

Thanks for reading.
Thank you for your reply.

Please read the DW1000 user manual, section 9 Operational design choices when employing the DW1000 on page 209.
It describes your and possible other questions in detail.

The latest and greatest IC user manual (revision 2.15) can be downloaded from https://www.decawave.com/product-documentation/