Question about UART & UART Generic


First of all, I’m really impressed by the performance of the DWM1001-DEV module. The Android application is easy to set up, and gives people a very visualized understanding of the environment.

Our team has successfully communicated with DWM1001-DEV modules through UART shell mode. We have the following questions:

  1. On the Android application, it seems like it is possible to assign a “network” to a collection of anchors and nodes. Is there an equivalent command available in UART shell mode?
  2. The examples provided for the UART generic mode are for Raspberry Pi. Can we talk to DWM1001-DEV from PC through USB/J-LINK? Are there examples showing how to communicate with DWM1001-DEV through UART generic mode on PC?
  3. Is it possible to set the units of the position output to millimeters?


Hi Jshi,

Please see below for some answers :

  1. No there is no equivalent uart shell command at the moment.

  2. Yes it should be possible. We don’t have an example, but you you can do it with a pc application connecting to the virtual port and sending commands in TLV format as per the documentation.

  3. You cannot change the unit of the measures. Ones could argue about the utility of mm as the accuracy of the technology is around 10cm.

Thank you,