question about Low duty-cycle SNIFF mode

in dw1000 user manual, section 4.5.2, introduced a Low duty-cycle SNIFF mode, which support pulsed preamble detection feature,
dw1000 can switch it’s mode between IDLE-RX-IDLE-RX…, however, when dw1000 detect a preamble, it will complete this reception, which will disrupt the pre-determined RX time.

what exactly i want is a fixed time period dw1000 turn on receiver to check for preambles, no matter whether there is a preamble detected.
Can anyone give some suggestions?


If you are using DW1000, and you enable the receiver it will receive a frame if it detects preamble, followed by SFD, PHR etc. This is what it is supposed to do.

If you have preamble timeout and there is no preamble detected then the receiver will timeout.

You cannot enable receiver and then ignore frames… this is not DW1000 operation.