question about Antenna altenatives for EVK

I am Pasi from Helsinki and starting to characterize the performance of DW1000.
We are investigating several positioning applications and believing that some of those real cases can be already implemented.
A Question: Are there any other EVK-compliant antennas available commercially (what / where)?
We’d like to test both more directional and also omnidirectional ones.
Regards, Pasi

Hi Pasi,

We are a new UWB solution company based in Canada. We saw a need for more directional antenna so we just built a few. Maybe we can provide you some? What tests do you plan to do?


Hey Scott,

i am working on the project using DecaWave chips with TREK system on it. We use a standart isotropic antenna but we are not satisfied with it.
I am looking for a new directional antenna with max. low vertical angle and wide horizontal angle (< 180°).

I will be very happy i your company could help me.

Thank you.

Best Regards.

Igor Laukhin