Query related to communication between bridge node and the tag/anchor node

I had a query regarding how the anchor/tag nodes are communicating to the bridge node using PANS2 library. Is there some kind of acknowledgment that is sent by the anchor /tag nodes when they receive the downlink IoT data from bridge node?
Let say that the update rate of a tag is very less, so it will receive IoT data from the bridge node in its respective TWR slot, what if a consecutive IoT data is sent to the tag even before its slot. In this condition, how does bridge retains all the IoT data to make sure that the respective tag/anchor has received all the data intended towards it, does tag/anchor send back any kind of acknowledgment to bridge node?
kindly suggest

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Hi Asmita,

There is no acknowledgement for the uplink neither downlink of User Data. The application layer has to create a such acknowledgement if needed.

The User Data are not retained. Once the Bridge has data to be sent, it will schedule the sending at the exact moment when the Tag/Anchor becomes available. For the Tag - the downlink shares the same uplink slot for that particular node and it has higher priority than uplink, so it will be sent to the tag always if the node is in-range with the Bridge.