Queries regarding deployment of DWM1001C module in warehouse

Currently we are looking for a tracking solution to track forklift in a warehouse. We will be deploying DWM1001C module as anchors and tag in entire warehouse . For tracking we will be requiring almost 200 anchors and 100 tags. As per the limit of anchors under one initiator i.e, at a time 30 anchors will get airtime allocated.
I have some queries regarding deployment:

  1. As limit of anchors under one initiator is 30 as per PANS firmware version 2 also clock level is limited to 150, can i use more number initiator to cover entire warehouse.
  2. What is maximum distance between two anchors to get accurate coordinates?
    Currently i spaced two anchors 10m away from each other, and got sometimes garbage value in between coordinates of tag.
    Along with this, when i placed tag over metal then value of coordinates fluctuate randomly. Do i need to take care of surrounding metal while placing tag and anchor?
    If there is minimum distance between metal and module, then what is that distance?

Hi Akansha,

The deployment of anchors have been discussed in other thread, maybe have a look if you have a chance. It is also explained the gateway deployment guide.

Basically, using multiple initiator will not work. When you deploy two networks in the same air space, they will share the resource, not multiply it by two.

The deployment is field experience, and it is difficult to recommend the best solution. Basically you must experiment until you have a stable network with good performance.

In theory a network can contain 200 anchors, but you’ll have to ensure the network deployment respects the seat re-allocation scheme. No anchors in the system should see two anchors at the seat. Basically, it request you to find the ideal distance between anchors so there are close enough to see each other, but not too close so they see more that they need.

The fact you have poor performance with 10 meters between anchors is most likely due to environment. Basically, to calculate an accurate position, you need 4 anchors in LOS. The maximum distance we recommend in LOS conditions are 25-20m. If you cannot respect LOS, indeed reducing the distance may help, but you will still need 4 anchors ideally in LOS.

Hope it helps,

Thanks for explaining!
I have some more queries:

  1. If i reduce the distance between anchors to get accurate result, then will it affect the number of anchors under one network ? i.e, as per the deployment rule
    ** If a 31st (or more) anchor is required then it needs to re-use a seat number. This can
    only be achieved if the other anchors are spaced sufficiently far apart, such that no
    anchor hears two anchors with the same seat**
    i have to keep sufficient distance between anchors. What is that minimum distance?
  2. If i deploy more number of initiators, then will it initiate a new TDMA Super frame for Tags and anchors nearby it?
  3. What material enclosure should i use to enclose tag and anchor (DWM1001C module) so that to avoid metallic interference?