QSPICE64 command line usage with pipes to stdin

Hi Mike [and team?],

I would like to pipe the netlist into QSPICE64 from a separate program.
However, it appears piped ASCII netlists aren’t supported. Example workflow is …

type test.cir | qspice64 -p STDIN -r .\test.qraw

Gives the error…
ASCII files are not supported for marching waveforms(which is detected when piping the netlist to stdin).

Is it possible to turn off this restriction? It seems feasible since ascii .cir files are processed without issue. I’m also happy for the entire output to be processed before analysing it further.

I know it’s possible to use an intermediary file, but I’d like to avoid this step if possible. I’m currently working with the PyQSPICE library and extending it with some options for parameter/value tuning and optimisation.