Put Module to Sleep for longer than 1minute and turn off ranging completly


I would like to know if there is a possible way to put the DWM1001 module into the deep sleep mode for longer than 1 minute. My idea would be to put the module into deep sleep and wake it up in a time interval of e.g 10 minutes and let it perform some ranging/distance measurements after it has synchronized with the anchors successfully and put it back to sleep for the next time interval. During that time it just shouldn’t listen to anything what is going on in the network. The tag should operate in the lowest possible power state.

So I tried to turn UWB off, BLE off and enabled low power mode. However, it seems that the module still wakes up every minute and listens to the network. Which is confusing me since I turned off the UWB functionality. If it still listens to the network what does the UWB Off configuration mean than?