Proposal for comments color and formatting

I would like to propose automatically change commented text to Italics. And/Or provide hashtag (#) like,
# This is a comment line
Such formatting also good for black&white schematic printing. Or provide setting in Preferences. Also default palette with normal text in black and comment in blue
little bit confused. Blue color is more eye catching (not good for comment, IMO)
Sometimes I mess comments with normal text…
Yes, yes… I know, I can change colors…

Another proposal. If a text starts with semicolon the text color should be changed automatically blue (or other comment color) becasue it becomes SPICE comment (will be ignored) but the textcolor remains black and seems it would be an active SPICE command.

Semicolon is not standard SPICE comment. AFAIK “;” appeared first time in LTspice.
Probably asterisk “*” (from 30 yrs old SPICE3 Version 3f3) is better.
And can be easy used in QSPICE generated netlists.

Hello Rhino,

you are right about the semicolon and asterisk. Until QSPICE the one and only SPICE simulator what I used is LTspice. I tried the asterisk and noticed the behavior is the same. The text is treated as comment but appears in black so it seems as an active SPICE command.

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Hello WinterMime,
Placing * before string like this work as comment in QSPICE

*.ac dec 10 10 100Meg

Probably I`ll use * for commenting meantime.
I dislike semicolon because readability is bad for me.
Anyway I think autoformating text as comment with changing color, fontface and adding * is a good feature.

*Hello Mike