Programming the DWM1001-DEV over JLink (not USB)

I’m trying to program a DWM1001-DEV using a Segger jLink Pro that fits in J11

I understand the DWM1001 should be programmable using just SWDIO, SWCLK, GND, and 3V4.

To test this, I disconnected the on board programmer U13 and wired the Segger programmer directly to the DWM1001 using the following changes

Jumpers cut:
J14 - TXD
J15 - RXD

Jumpers Added:
TP4 -> Pin 3 DWM1001 (SWDIO)
TP6 -> Pin 2 DWM1001 (SWCLK)
TP5 -> Pin 33 DWM1001 (RESET)

While the Segger JLink now connects to the DWM1001, skipping U13, I keep getting the following error when uploading an example program.

"Download Failed: Timeout while preparing target, RAMCode did not respond in time."

Am I missing an additional hardware change to the DWM1001? Everything programs normally using a USB and the U13 chip, but I need to be able to use a JLink programmer in the future.