Programming of DWM1001C Module using MDEK1001 kit


Can we program DWM1001C using MDEK1001 dev kit?
MDEK1001 kit has J-link debugger. Can we use that debugger to program DWM1001C module?

Hi @nileshmudgal,
I currently have a MDEK1001 kit and im uploading my own firmware on the device.
I fallowed this: to do it.
Hope this answers your question.

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Hi guys!

@ruigomes Superb source! I’m working on a my own firmware too but I have some trouble setting up the uwb parameters so I can interact with of-the-shelf MDEK1001s. More precisely I can’t tell what are the correct values for phrMode (examples set ‘DWT_PHRMODE_EXT’) and sfdTO (examples set ‘(129 + 64 - 8)’ fields.

I hope my question is clear, I’m talking about using dwt_configure function (you can check DW1000 Device Driver API Guide).

Thank you in advance
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Hey there!.
So if saw the example, the parameters used are related to that implementation. The MDEK1001 kit devices uses a channel 5 antenna adaptation, and so for that I recomend you to use thoose parameters for start. After that on the User guide from Decawave you have the registers to configure depending of the configuration you need. In case you dont get it, search on the website for the souce code from trek1000 (software tab i belive), there you can download a bunch of examples to look up.

Thanks for the fast answer, searched through the questions in this fourm and I could figure it out :slight_smile:

For the record, I set phrMode = DWT_PHRMODE_EXT and sfdTO =(129 + 8 - 8).