Programming DWM3001CDK

I have recently purchased some DWM3001CDK modules
The only thing that I have properly managed to do so far is flash the binaries on the 3001CDK on the port which has Jlink.
What am I exactly supposed to do after that? I don’t want to use the provided apple software package. I am trying to program the nrf52 chip over the USB port but I don’t particularly understand how am I supposed to do that. Is there a specific IDE that I can use? Is there a specific programmer or application that should be downloaded? Should I do anything after flashing the STM32 chip?

Hi @osso
the STM chip is actually the JLINK programmer so you are programming the DWM3001 via the STM32. The Jlink provide you the programming functionality and a virtual serial port for the DWM3001.