Programmatically navigate stepped results

Is it possible to select, within a .plot and/or meas statement for example, one specific stepped dataset?
This was possible in “prior art” through the “@” operator. It is very useful when one has to postprocess data using values from different steps. Or simply when one wants to plot calculated waveforms, for example: V(a)@1 / V(a)@2. This would show the ratio between the node voltage “a” simulated in step 1 versus step 2. Thanks!

A bit confuse as “@” operator works in .plot or .meas in my test.
only thing weird is that in .plot V(out)@1, there are actually 3 identical curve overlapping itself in the plot of waveform viewer.
for .meas, if @ is used, it still calculate each step answer and therefore, all answer return the same. Not sure @ is that useful in .meas as your can identify which step result from step number.

@Egrana ,

I’m confused. Are you trying to view specific stepped plots or trying to create measurements (.meas) across steps?