Problem with DWM1000 and TMS320F28377D

No, not solved. I checked on arduino uno, and I have the same problem, the transmission is working, but the reception is not

Could there be a reason that different antennas are used ? One dwm1000 has a built-in UWB94 antenna, the second dwm1000 has a lollipop 3 rhcp 5.8 G antenna. Earlier, in December last year, I used two identical lollipop antennas and the reception and transmission worked on arduino uno (and I didn’t use a level converter from 5V to 3.3V for SPI)

Hi @Dmitry2000
I see two possibility:

  1. Noisy power - double check the power path for the DWM1000 and is possible try to power it via battery and LDO (avoid using DCDC).

  2. lollipop 3 rhcp 5.8 G antenna - that’s not UWB antenna at all. That’s antenna for narrow band devices like WIFI or video streaming. Dont use this antenna - it might work for short distances but it will not work for long distances.


I am using power 3.3V from arduino/tms320, without external power.

I may have a stupid question, but is it possible to use a 5V SPI for DWM1000 without a level converter, or is it not safe ?

I use SN74LVCC3245APWR to convert 5V to 3.3V, but there is a problem that it does not work with a regular DWM1000, writing and reading from registers does not work correctly, it does not work stably, it looks like the SPI signals are distorting, although everything seems normal according to the oscilloscope. At the same time, everything works well without a level converter from 5V SPI. But the MAX1000-P with a level converter works well, unlike the usual DWM1000

And can lollipop antenna and UWB antenna work together ? Receive each other’s signals

Hi @Dmitry2000
I think that you are facing multiple issues.

  1. You definitely can not use the 5V for SPI with DW1000 - you will burn it. Try to slow down the SPI clock.

  2. Im not familiar with arduino/tms320. The DW1000 needs a low noise power source, I dont know how noisy it the tms320 board is.

  3. For short range any antenna can work somehow. For the good performance you definitively can not use the lolipop antenna.