problem about porting the DecaRangingEVB1000_MP_rev3p05 to nordic52832

hello everyone

I have port the DecaRangingEVB1000_MP_rev3p05 to nordic52832 above the DWM1001-DEV

but I donot have distance result yet,bellow is the details

1、the tag is blink ok ,and tag can receive Ranging Init Message ,and can get the anker address

2、the tag is tpoll ok ,and tag can receive Response Message

3、but tag when send the Final Message ,It is fail :
//begin delayed TX of frame
if (dwt_starttx(txmode)) // delayed start was too late
result = 1; //late/error
with the SYS_STATUS_ID status=28000f3 2806f03

I need your help ,thank you!

Nordic is slower, SPI is slower … you need to increase the reply delay/turnaround times so that the Final is not “late”.

Adjust times in instance.h ---- adjust TAG_TURN_AROUND_TIME_US, …

it is ok now,thank you for your reply