Power up dwm1001-dev

We have 10 DWM1001-DEV products. DWM1001 modules cannot be displayed via Android application. When we power, the red LED on the modules flashes continuously.

How can we solve this problem ?

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Hi eyeniacun,

If the DWM1001 aren’t displayed in the Android App, I encourage you to flash the DWM1001-Dev board with the PANS R2. I think there is no software in it.

You can update the DWM1001-Dev board using the USB port, and with this document DWM1001-Firmware-User-Guide.pdf (1.6 MB), You go to the 3.3 Guides to flash the DWM1001 with factory image, to know how to update the board.

You can find the PANS-R2 on the decawave website.

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Hello David
Can you assist code to estimate position of the tag using raspberry pi. I used codes posted here with no lucky

Hi Kivule,

I am sorry, but in our project we don’t use Raspberry Pi to estimate the tag position. We use the position compute by the DWM1001-Dev thanks to the Location Engine.