Power Amplifier can be added into DWM1000 module

Hello UWBers,
I hope you are all fine. I newly interest UWB technology. I have question about DWM1000 module. I want to add Power Amplifier into DWM1000 module. Can I do that? We know that we can add a PA into DW1000 chip externally but it is not clearly indicated in the datasheet of the DWM1000 or I missed it up. If you have some idea or background about this topic, please inform me.
Thank you so much.

Hi can,

No, this is not possible. The DWM1000 has an integrated antenna, which makes it impossible to add a PA or any other circuitry to the RF path.

Please be aware that adding a PA is only intended / allowed for emergency use-cases like LAES systems. See section Location tracking devices in ARP0001 UWB Worldwide Regulations.
The DWM1000 typically has enough TX power overhead to transmit at the maximum allowed power in most regions (41.3 dB/Mz).

It looks like you are not planning to sell any products, but to avoid getting in trouble with your local authorities I suggest sticking to the regulated TX power. UWB is quite (one could even say Ultra :wink: ) wide band, so it can mess up a lot of things if transmitted with too much power.

Hey Seppe,
thank you for your answer and remarks :smiley: