Possible to set the dwm_upd_rate_set() to longer than 1 minute?


I am testing with the PANS 2 firmware some low power configurations and I have achieved 15uA during sleep mode. My application needs to measure its position every 5 minutes and then go to sleep, I have been testing the dwm_upd_rate_set() function and I cant achieve anything higher than 1 minute.

According to the API Firmware Guide it is possible to set it up to 2 minutes, but a I have not succeded in this.

Part of my code:


    //configure as tag
    dwm_cfg_tag_t cfg;
    cfg.stnry_en = 1;
    cfg.meas_mode = DWM_MEAS_MODE_TWR;
    cfg.low_power_en = 1;
    cfg.loc_engine_en = 0;
    cfg.common.enc_en = 0;
    cfg.common.led_en = 0;
    cfg.common.ble_en = 0;
    cfg.common.fw_update_en = 0;
    cfg.common.uwb_mode = DWM_UWB_MODE_ACTIVE;
    dwm_upd_rate_set(1200, 1200);

Please advice.