Position computation without anchors configuration


We have an application where a tag is placed inside a moving robot, and 12-20 anchors are placed around the building so that the robot can know its position. For the system to work, the anchors have to be configured to know their position, so we have developped our own application into an embedded device to program them all at once over BLE (with the user walking to reach them all).

We are now trying to find a solution to remove the BLE feature from our device (mainly because of certification), so I wondered what is technically possible with the current software.

A point is, our robot actually knows the identifiers and positions of all anchors, and if Iā€™m correct, the tag computes the position by itself, so here are the possibilities I see :

  1. Is it possible to give the anchors positions to the tag at initialization, so that programming the anchors would not be required at all ?
  2. Is it possible to use the tag BLE to program the anchors positions ?
  3. Is it possible to program the anchors positions over UWB ?
  4. Any other idea on how we could achieve that ?

In older versions of our software, we used a custom positionning algorithm, so that step was not required. Now we use the provided position, which gives more accuracy, but at the cost of programming the anchors.

Thanks for you answers

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