Phantom preambles + SFD?


I am developing an application on a couple custom boards utilizing the DW1000. On one version of our board, whenever I set RXENAB, I immediately see this status in the SYS_STATUS register: 0x0200001300

This indicates a PHE error after detecting the preamble and SFD.

I’m confused as to how this is possible. My setup has a different custom board and a DWM1001 all next to each other running the same firmware with the same DW1000 configuration and the other two boards do not see this phantom preamble + SFD.

I feel like this may be a board issue, however I don’t understand how electrical noise or something hooked up incorrectly could cause us to correctly see a preamble and SFD.

[]Could the RXPREJ status bit mean anything in this context? I noticed this bit gets set on my DWM1001 as well, so I think it may be a red-herring
]Is there any state the DW1000 could get in which might cause us to flag a PHE without actually detecting the preamble + SFD?
Thanks for any clues!

Sorry, false alarm!

I combed through the configuration registers and noticed some of my DTUNExx registers were zero because of a bug I had in my configuration firmware. I’m not 100% sure this was my only issue, but once I fixed my SPI write issue it appears to be working fine.