Permission for using images of the DWM-documentation in Bachelor-thesis

Hello everyone,

Im writing a thesis on on getting position an orientation (P&O) between 2 rigid bodies in motion. I used dwm1001-modules to estimate distances and wrote an algorithm to get P&O of one relative to the other. The prototype works quite well.
In the paper I have to describe my set-up, the hardware, the interfaces etc. Since a picture is telling more than words, I’d like to include some of the figures of the Documentetion (e.G. Block Diagram from dwm1001 Datasheet) clearly stating the source and without judging it or claiming it to be my work.
I think it could fall under “fair use” and is rather promoting but the legal section on the website is quite strict.

I tried to contact Decawave through the contact-form on the website, but unfortunately got no answer.
Since it points to I think it might not be the right addressee.
therefor I want to ask here if someone knows a better contact to ask.

thanks in advance Horst Mäder (Germany)

I’ve seen Decawave products used in research papers.

See this example,

“The RTLS system is a system that performs real-time location of an object and then determines its location in local coordinates. The devices of the RTLS system used in the system are DWM1001 element from decaWave.”

In the reference section, "[7] Documentation of the DWM1001 module, (access 24.03.2018) "

I think as long as you cite them, there shouldn’t be an issue.

HI Horst,

Thanks for checking.
Yes, this is ok with us as long as the block diagram etc is used for non commercial academic related material.


Hello Ken and Birryboi,

thanks for your answers.
I will point out the academic non-commercial use in the paper.

Best regards horst