Performance between DWM1000 vs TREK1000


I am working on a project for indoor localisation.

We are using the TREK1000 evaluation kit with 2 anchors
The TAG is positionned between the 2 anchors.
Current performance is around 40-50m between the 2 anchors

We are now in the industrialisation phase, and we are redesigning all our hardware. Instead of using evaluation kits, we will developp custom hardware.

Do you know if we will get the same performance by using a module like the DWM1000 for the TAG and the Anchors ?

Is it possible to reach a 80m distance between the 2 anchors and the TAG located inside ? Do we need a full custom design with the DW1000 chipset and custom antenna ?
Do you plan to developp a module with UFL connector for external antenna ?

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80m distance between 2 anchors should be possible with TREK boards straight from the box, provided you use 110kb/s , L2 or L5 Mode.
Remember though that that TREK1000 is not optimised for range. The TREK is to showcase the concepts of Geo-Fencing, Tracking and Navigation objects/people. EVK1000 on the other hand is optimised for range (and precision) as the two EVBs are a calibrated pair of boards.
Could I ask you if you see your 50m between 2 nodes indoor or outdoor? And the TAG, is that moving on the line between A1 and A2?
Also note that the EVB boards are evaluation boards and are not suitable for certification. We recommend to do a custom design with the DWM1000 or DW1000 chipset and custom antenna. For the latter we have available antenna design files, pcb design files and more. Please read APH001.
We have no plans for a module with a UFL antenna. I’m aware though that some customers have removed the antenna from the DWM100 in order to connect a rigid cable, just to evaluate different antennae, like direction, or different polarised antenna.
As you have TREK, you could flash the two 2spare TREK boards with EVK Software and test range using different RF parameter and channels.