Peak in power consumption every 10 seconds: DWM1001 PANS real time tracking (Location Engine)


I am using the latest release of PANS (Factory Firmware Image : DWM1001_PANS_2.0.hex). I am configuring the tag using the Android App over bluetooth. The tag is configured in Low Power Mode and BLE is shut off. (Responsive Mode and BLE unchecked in app). The position update is happening at 1Hz. I am viewing the data using a Raspberry based Listener. The current consumption is quite low (350-400uA) but at every 10 seconds there comes a sudden bump in current consumption. I am getting the data continuously but the current bump every 10 seconds is something I want to eliminate. Why does this happen, can I completely stop this or configure this duration.

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Also attaching the graph for the same. Is this Rx or Tx being performed by the module (MDEK1001)