Pdoa_val = dwt_readpdoa(); How do I convert radians into angles?

pdoa_val = dwt_readpdoa();

(1)Does pdoa_val have a negative value? What do negative numbers mean?

(2)How do I convert radians into angles?Please give the detailed formula.

Thank you very much!

  1. PDoA values give you an angle offset from the centre line of the antenna. So negative means to one side, positive to the other side. Which side is positive and which is negative depends on how the antenna is mounted.

  2. “How do I convert radians into angles?” Radians are angles, this is a bit like asking how do I convert meters to distance. There are 2*Pi (or about 6.28) radians in a full circle. I’m guessing you mean how do you convert to degrees. Divide by Pi, multiply by 180.
    However keep the value as radians in any software you write and only convert to degrees when outputting to the user. Any maths functions will use radians not degrees, that way you avoid constantly converting back and forth.