PDoA using a single DWM1001

Hi everyone,

I’ve been read Decawave’s AoA estimation paper and wonder if I can do the phase difference calculation procedure using a single DWM1001-DEV board (shown in the screen shot below). I’m aware of the existence of PDoA kit but some constraints on my project make it preferable to use DWM1001 board.

Basically, I’d like to emulate, for example, a linear receiving antenna array by sequentially placing DWM1001 at the position of each “element” in the array, and getting the phase of the channel at each position. At the end I wish to use these phases to produce angle of arrival.

I read from another post saying it’s not possible to achieve the effect of a PDoA board using two DWM1001’s, because the clock synchronization and antenna separation are critical.

I’m willing to employ techniques and any kind of processing to achieve what’s described above without touching the circuitry. I’d like to know if it’s possible without any physical modification of DWM1001-DEV (meaning if there’s any physical constraint preventing doing that).

Thank you!