In order to get around a hardware error on a custom DWM1003 board, I’d like to move the DW_IRQ to GPIO 10 which is also used for NFC2. So I redefined DW1000_IRQ_A_Pin as 10 instead of 19 and added a define for CONFIG_NFCT_PINS_AS_GPIOS to use the NFC pins as GPIO.
Pin 4 of the module (now DW_IRQ) has an interrupt happening but the firmware never enters dwt_isr() when debugging with a breakpoint in this routine.
Is the some other setup I need to do to use the NFC2 pin as theDW_IRQ?


Because you are changing the hw, take a look to ARM IRQ, responsible for GPio IRQ handling. The IRQ handler for pin 19 and pin 10 maybe different. Say, if pin 10, then it’s irq service routine can be called irq_10_15, but for pin 19 that would be something like xx_31 or so.