Pans V2.0 + Payload

Will the new release of PANS V2.0 have the ability for tags to send custom payload over the UWB network along with location info

i have asked the same and got YES

I want to extend this question, since it apparently IS possible to send custom data over UWB.

I am thinking of a RTLS with signal stability in mind.

The current setup requires passive listener nodes to require the position of the tags. If they have no reception to the tag, there is no position information. The only fix would be to install as many passive nodes as needed, but that increases cost and complexity.

Does this requirement change with PANS v2.0, i.e. have the possibility to get position information of the tags directly from the anchors?

When does the release of PANS 2.0 should be?

yes, in release 2 the tag’s position is automatically sent up to the web application/client via the anchors and gateway.